Yellow ecological corozo buttons

The Elegance of Corozo Buttons


Welcome to the world of corozo buttons, where style meets sustainability. In this guide, presented by Woodstock Laundry, we delve into the fascinating realm of corozo buttons and their significance in our loungewear and pyjamas collections. These buttons, with their unique origins and benefits, align perfectly with our vision of blending comfort with eco-conscious fashion choices.

Corozo Buttons: A Sustainable Marvel

Often termed "vegetable ivory", corozo buttons offer an eco-friendly alternative for the fashion-conscious. Sourced from the seeds of the tagua palm tree (Phytelephas aequatorialis), they stand out as a sustainable accessory in a world filled with synthetics.

What Are Corozo Buttons?

These buttons, crafted from the seeds of tagua palm trees, are a testament to ethical fashion. Boasting a resemblance to genuine ivory in terms of texture and appearance, opting for corozo signifies a pledge to sustainable fashion. At Woodstock Laundry, we proudly incorporate these buttons into our loungewear and pyjamas, ensuring our customers enjoy both luxury and sustainability.

Seeds of the tagua palm tree

The Sustainability Factor

Unlike their plastic or metal counterparts, corozo buttons are biodegradable, ensuring they remain environment-friendly. They epitomize the ideal choice for those aiming to minimize their environmental footprint.

Plastic versus corozo buttons

Versatile Applications

From fashion to home décor, corozo buttons find utility in various domains. Their innate elegance coupled with durability makes them a preferred choice for both designers and eco-conscious consumers.

Red corozo buttons

Advantages of Corozo Buttons

  • Eco-Friendly Aesthetics: Their unique patterns and finishes radiate timeless elegance.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Being biodegradable, they ensure fashion choices don't detriment our planet.
  • Durability and Longevity: Beyond aesthetics, they are durable, promising longevity even with regular wear and wash.
  • Customization Options: Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues, they provide boundless design possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Corozo Buttons Ethical?
Yes, they are sourced from renewable, non-harmful sources, marking them as a responsible fashion choice.
How Do Corozo Buttons Compare to Plastic Buttons?
While plastic buttons are environmental hazards, corozo buttons are biodegradable and long-lasting.
Can I Replace Plastic Buttons with Corozo Buttons?
Indeed! Transitioning to corozo is an eco-friendly decision. Enhance your apparel with corozo's sustainable charm.
Are Corozo Buttons Expensive?
Though they might be priced slightly above plastic buttons initially, their lasting nature and eco-friendliness ensure value for money.
How Do I Care for Garments with Corozo Buttons?
Just follow the regular care guidelines of your clothing, and these buttons will retain their appeal and functionality.
Where Can I Find Corozo Buttons?
Various fashion brands, retailers, and online platforms stock them, and their popularity is on the rise among sustainable fashion aficionados.


With our commitment to both style and the environment, corozo buttons offer a chance to make fashion statements that matter. Embrace corozo in our loungewear and pyjamas, accentuate your style, and contribute positively to the environment.