Loungewear collections

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Blue Cheetah

Blue Cheetah is a contemporary African pop art inspired print, with slinky cheetahs on an electric blue background


An elegant print that hints of of times gone by

Jumping Cheetah

A modern and vibrant African design

Leopard skin

A classic African print, featuring leopard skin spots

Three patterns


We've always loved Octopuses at Woodstock Laundry, so we decided to create print featuring these amazing creatures. These have been handpainted by our resident artistoic genius, Jane Appleby.

Palm Beach

Another simple but elegant print, featuring handpainted palm trees on a sand coloured background.

Pink Cheetah

Probably our most loved print - pink cheetahs on a white background for a modern African style.


Cute African animals, handpainted by local artist and illustrator, Sue Appleby

Two patterns

Iris navy/white

Vintage drawings of iris flowers on either a dark navy background that creates a classic but contemporary look. The other pattern is on a pale background for a modern and elegant design.


Fun and simple bananas on a pale green background

Bananas On Leaves

A colourful and vibrant print - not for the faint-hearted!

Battiss Willow

Created in collaboration with the Walter Battiss Company, this print features sketches by the iconic South African artist

Beach Stripe

Inspired by the Beach Boys, this print features a classic blue and white stripe.

Cape Cod

Another classic stripe, this print uses a modern teal and white stripe for a timeless, elegant look.


Created in collaboration with local Cape Town artist, Michael Chandler.


Cute Dinosaurs, painted by local illustrator and artist, Sue Appleby


A bold and colourful floral design

Flamingo Blue

Created in our studio, this popular print features pink flamingos on a pale blue background

Flying Fish Navy

This print was handpainted by our resident artist, Jane Appleby, and continues to be one of our most popular patterns.

Funky Disco

Fun and colourful mandala-based print with an African twist

Indigo Floral

A mandala print featuring cool shades of blue, created in our inhouse studio


Simple but colourful print featuring Delicious Monster leaves on a bright orange background


A handpainted design showing the moon in its various phases, on a navy background