Women's nighties

Choosing the Perfect Nighty for Women's Comfort

Finding the perfect nighty for yourself can be a challenge, but with this guide, you'll be on your way to discovering just the right one that fits both your unique style and comfort needs. We'll teach you what factors to consider when picking out the perfect women's nighty and provide tips on how to keep it in excellent condition for years.

Select a Material: Cotton, Silk or Satin

When looking for the perfect nighty, your first step should be selecting a material. Natural fibers such as cotton are comfortable, breathable and often more affordable than other types of fabrics. If you're looking for something with a fancier feel, silk and satin provide luxurious softness that will keep you comfortable all night long.

They also come in various colors and patterns so you can find something to express your individual style.

Opt for Comfort and Loose Fit

One of the most important criteria for choosing the perfect nighty is ensuring optimal comfort. Opt for a looser fitting style and make sure there are no tags or zippers that may cause discomfort. We suggest going for larger than normal sizes, to ensure you’re comfortable when sleeping. Additionally, make sure the nighty is made from organic and quality fabrics that will not cause any skin irritation.

Pick Out Colors You Prefer

There are endless colors to choose from when it comes to women's nighties. For comfort, lighter and more muted tones like pastels or florals always work, as they'll make you feel cosy all night long. You can also pick out brighter colors if you're looking for something a bit more vibrant. Alternatively, you can pick out classic black or white fabrics that never go out of style.

Consider the Length and Style You Want

The style of nighty you choose should depend on the length it is and how you want it to fit you. Maxi styles are best for those with a tall frame and can even be elegant for evening events. Mini styles on the other hand, are great for summer days - perfect for lounging at home or going out to brunch. Midi nighties offer a bit of both – they’re long enough to keep things modest, but still comfortable enough to lounge around in.